9kg Choofer Flatpack Stand


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Dimensions of 9kg Stand

Height.         205mm

Width.          34mm

Thickness.   5mm

Profile may vary slightly

Painted in Pot Belly Black

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A new stand is now available to fit under the 9kg Choofer.
This 5mm mild steel stands is 205mm high therefore allowing it to be used to support a fireplace in National Parks which stops the heat from the fireplace damaging the ground below. The feet of the stand are located well outside the footprint of the Choofer’s giving added stability and safety. 15mm high lugs help support and prevent the Choofer base from sliding off the stand. Ensure that the base of the Choofer is confined within these lugs.
The two separate pieces of the stand can be assembled and disassembled with ease. A large steel pad is welded on each foot which combined, easily supports the weight of the Choofer and helps keep the stand stable. The stand comes in a calico bag. For a stronger vinyl bag, look at our Store.
When using the stand, please ensure that the ground below the stand is firm, level and stable. This preventive action will help to prevent unwanted accidents such as the tipping over of the stand and Choofer. A few minutes setting up the stand properly will go a long way to having an enjoyable campfire.

If ordering this item as a single item only, please contact  me first for the best postage price.

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Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 4 cm


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