Choofer Maintenance

Maintaining Your Choofer

Repairing Chips or/and Scratches

With regular use, scratching and chipping will inevitably occur to the paint of your Choofer. Also, soot and dirt will accumulate on the outside surface over time. Stove Bright sells pressurised spray cans of paint to suit the colour of your Choofer. Lightly sand around the damaged area, remove the dust with a clean cloth and then after shaking the pressure can vigorously, lightly spray the area several times with small intervals between each spray application.

Alternatively, ask about our replacement and maintenance option when in the South Burnett Region.

Choofer Maintenance Option

You bought the Choofer to be able to cook on, relax and enjoy a fire with your family and friends before retiring to bed.

With regular use, unpacking and packing away, it is inevitable that the Choofer’s paintwork will get scratched or marked in some way. Oils from cooking can also spill onto the sides giving it that used look... but hey, it just adds character!

However bad looking it ends up over time, the Choofer will always serve you well without fail as it’s looks do not inhibit the function for which it is intended.

However, should you be passing through the South Burnett area, please stay a day and take advantage of our maintenance option for your Kingaroy Choofer that we are offering all of our valued past customers. Postage is always another option available to you.

Your Choofer will be sandblasted inside and out, sprayed with three coats of “Stove Bright” high-temperature paint in your choice of available colours. If by chance minor repairs are needed, they will be done FREE of charge. The Kingaroy Choofers are built to last for a long time.

Our maintenance option costs a total of $60. Add a new replacement temperature gauge for $15. Notice in advance would be appreciated.