Caring For Your Kingaroy Choofer

Curing the Stove Bright paint on The Kingaroy Choofer


Stove Bright high temperature paint is an expensive high quality, fast drying coating for a variety of properly prepared metal surfaces. The formula is rust resistant and maintains excellent colour stability with in surface temperatures reaching 1200*F/ 650*C

This product is commonly used on wood stoves, fireplace surrounds, fire boxes, boilers, furnaces, radiators, engines, auto exhausts, manifolds mufflers, heaters, bbq’s and much more.

Initial Firing Process, as stated by Stove Bright.

1   Slowly bring the Choofer to a medium burn, about 400*F/204*C for about 45 – 60 minutes.

2   Increase the burn temperature to a hot burn about 600*F/315*C for an additional 45 – 60 minutes or just let the heat beads burn to ash.

I have found the best way to control the heat inside the Choofer is to use good quality heat beads which are lit inside the Choofer on the trivet. This gives a gradual rise to the temperature required for curing the paint.

For the process, I use 20 heat beads for the 4.5kg Choofer, 30+ heat beads for the 9kg Choofer and 40+ heat beads for the 14kg Choofer, door closed and lid on. The damper is initially fully opened to allow the heat beads to ignite and when the smoke and flame from the fire lighters has stopped, close the damper to prevent the heat from exhausting through the chimney. There is adequate ventilation to give oxygen to the heat source, due to the holes around the circumference.

During this burning in process, the Stove Bright paint on the Choofer will soften, change colour slightly and it is important not to touch the paint with any object as this can damage the paint.

Let the heat beads reduce to ash and the Choofer cool naturally. This may take 7-9 hours, so during this period if you have a temperature gauge fitted to your Choofer (optional extra) you can monitor how long the Choofer maintains the heat in a contained environment.

It is recommended that when using hardwood timber in the Choofer and the fire is building to or at its peak, not to put the lid on to the Choofer. The temperatures can be extreme and may cause damage to the high temperature paint if it is not cured properly and there possibly will not be enough oxygen supplied to support an intense fire inside the Choofer.

Cleaning the Choofer.

As recommended by Stove Bright, do not to use chemicals to clean the Stove Bright high temperature paint. Use a cloth or a soft pad with warm soapy water to clean the soot and dirt off the outside of the Choofer should be sufficient. If this is done on a regular basis, this will help to maintain the full colour of the paint for a longer period. Don’t forget to periodically oil the hinge pin.

Repairing Chips or/and Scratches

With normal use, it is inevitable that damage such as scratches and chipping will occur to the paint of your Choofer. Also, soot and dirt will accumulate on the outside surface over time. Stove Bright sell pressurised spray cans of paint to suit the colour of your Choofer. Lightly sand around the damaged area, remove the dust with a clean cloth and then after shaking the pressure can vigorously, lightly spray the area several times with small intervals between each spray application. Alternatively, ask about our replacement and maintenance option when in the South Burnett Region.


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