The Kingaroy Choofer


The Oven within an Oven – Camp Oven Cooking


Camp oven cooking generally requires heat from a good bed of coals rather than flame from burning wood.

 Hardwood timbers such as Ironbark and Gidgee are considered the better timber for good coals, where as Pine or softwood timbers, although initially giving off good heat rapidly reduces to ash with little benefit to cooking.

 When using the camp oven fully enclosed within the Choofer, let the fire reduce till the flame is almost extinguished and you are left with a good bed of hot coals. This is the time to introduce your camp oven on the bottom cross bars for heating prior to adding the ingredients you are cooking. With the ingredients in the camp oven, replace the lid of the Choofer, open the damper of the small chimney to desired position and close the door on the base.

Let the hot coals slow cook your roast or stew in the camp oven. The coals contained within the confines of the Choofer, gives all around heat to the camp oven and you will be surprised how long the coals will last for, giving you ample time for cooking. All within the confines of a safe contained fireplace.