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Jun 27, 2017
by Anonymous on The Kingaroy Choofer
A great compact Choofer

Hi Bill & PattyWe purchased our Kingaroy Choofer from you a couple of weeks ago in Kingaroy. We were thrilled with the amount of detailed explanations given by Bill which helped us to understand exactly how to use it. We seasoned it as detailed and have cooked a number of roasts, casseroles and dampers and each time it worked to perfection. Thank you both for manufacturing such a great and compact Choofer.We love it.Larraine Houlihan

Jun 12, 2017
A Great Camp Accessory

We just love our new choofer. We have had two wonderful warm fires by it on the banks of the Murray in this last week. Easy to set up and clear away and perfectly cosy. Our next experiment will be doing a roast in our camp oven. Bill and Patty were great to deal with in getting the choofer to us. Fantastic service and thoughtful about what we needed to get us started. Cannot wait until I smell the aromas of our oven roast.Thanks Bill and Patty for a great camp accessory.Lisbet

May 6, 2017
by Rick Tindal on The Kingaroy Choofer
Brilliant Concept

The Kingaroy Choofer is a brilliant concept in that out of date gas bottles are being recycled, they safely contain the fire plus use very little wood and are very well made.Importantly in those sites were fires need to be in an enclosed fireplace they have been approved.They are perfect for camp ovens, woks or open grilling steaks and sausages, we have also created a plate for a pizza stone to even cook pizzas. See attached picsI think their use is only limited by one’s imagination.It is important to use only good dense dry wood in your Choofer, woods such as gidgee and red gum that burn to negligible ash over an extended period are ideal.If you fancy outdoor cooking then these units are a must.

May 6, 2017
by Bruce Binney on The Kingaroy Choofer
Will get lots of use.

G’Day Bill & PattyWe were finally able to use the choofer for real while camping by the Murray at Katarapko in SA.We enjoyed the chance to use it as a fire to sit around and also to cook on. Worked a treat. Have just bought a small camp oven for cooking.Thanks again for a great product. Will get lots of use.CheersBruce?

Apr 28, 2017
by Margaret and John Cousins on The Kingaroy Choofer
How great they are.

We bought both a 9kg and 14kg choofer. We use the 9kg on our caravan trips and the 14kg one at home – as a cooker and a fire.How great they are!We have had so much use and so many great meals cooked in the camp oven in them.We keep the 9kg choofer in the front tunnel of our caravan where it sits very nicely.Thank you Bill & Patty

Apr 20, 2017
by Bob and Brenda Thompson on The Kingaroy Choofer
Great present

We got the Choofer as a going away present. What a great unit to take on our travels. Use it nearly every night when free camping.

Feb 20, 2017
by Phil House on The Kingaroy Choofer
Just love it for camping

We brought our Choofer from Kingaroy Info Centre last year (2016)It  is perfect for traveling. We have cooked damper, stews and with a cast iron fry pan on the top it’s great for eggs and bacon .Just love it for camping

Nov 12, 2016
If you haven’t already I would recommend you buy one of these for sure
Derek here from Camp Oven Cooking in Australia.Thanks to Bill & Patty I now own a 9 kilo Kingaroy Choofer.I seasoned it as instructed and have been merrily cooking with it. My 10 inch camp oven fits nicely inside and as I am generally only cooking for two these days this suits me fine.I have to say that this is one of the best camp oven cooking accessories I have used. I am still playing with different recipes and using Heat Beads but I reckon this one will suit me.It is nice and compact and sits in the back of the Landcruiser when we are traveling with the caravan.If you haven’t already I would recommend you buy one of these for sure
Sep 3, 2016
by Alex Thomas on The Kingaroy Choofer
Great Choofer

We are very glad we went with the 14kg Choofer as we find we use it more often at home and can cater better with the bigger 9qt camp ovenwhen friends come over for a meal.Great idea and our friends think so as well.Alex and Toni Thomas, Bathurst, NSW

May 7, 2016
by Alan and Glyn, Forbes NSW on The Kingaroy Choofer
Can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

Our Kingaroy Pig arrived today and it looks great. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

May 7, 2016
by Jenny and Leon, Sunshine Coast, Qld on The Kingaroy Choofer
we are very very happy with the choofer

G’day Bill and Patty
We have used the cooker twice now,once with roast lamb in the camp oven (using heat beads) and once with lamb chops on a wire grate on top(using fire wood) Both absolutely fantastic and we are very very happy with the choofer. Can’t wait to take it on the road with us.

May 7, 2016
by Steve (Memerambi) on The Kingaroy Choofer
We love Our Kingaroy Pig

Just wanted to let you guys know we love Our Kingaroy Pig. It has been the best camp oven on the road camping.

May 7, 2016
by J. Walker, Bendigo.Vic on The Kingaroy Choofer
Very pleased with our decision to buy.

I have had the Pig for 3 months now and can honestly say that it really is a great addition to our camping needs.. Well made and thought out. Very pleased with our decision to buy.

May 7, 2016
by Alan Thomas, Brisbane. Qld on The Kingaroy Choofer
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience using it

We made good use of our Kingaroy Pig when we traveled north this year. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience using it. Thanks

May 7, 2016
by Ian and Val, Highfields, Qld on The Kingaroy Choofer
Loving It

Hi Bill and Patty.

We picked our Choofer up at the Wondai garden show the other day. We have cooked a couple of meals at home using our large camp oven in the Choofer and both times it has done an excellent job.

With a very small amount of wood on our trial run we cooked a large family stew and the next night we were able to cook a medium size roast with vegies without topping up the wood, incredibly efficient. Loving it

May 7, 2016
by Dianne, Toowoomba, Qld on The Kingaroy Choofer
My Dad really loved The Choofer for a Xmas present

My Dad really loved The Choofer for a Xmas present. He’s so hard to buy for. We all can see it getting plenty of use with the caravan.