Kingaroy Choofer 9kg


New to Our Choofer Range – High Temperature New Look Colours that can withstand up to 650, Available in 8 New Colours


The 9kg Choofer is the most popular Choofer due to it weighing approximately 10kg, is easy to store in the caravan, trailer or motor home and versatile in its use.

Flatpack Stand shown for demonstration purposes only. Optional extra.

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The Kingaroy Choofer is proudly made in Kingaroy

Made to last, The Choofer can offer the Caravanner or Camper multiple cooking and heating options. Constructed from a 9 kg gas bottle and adapted for versatility of use

  • · The gas bottle exterior is sandblasted to remove all paint and/or powder coating.
  • · Two coats of Pot Belly Black or High Temp paint are sprayed on after the Choofer has finished construction.
  • · A large door to accept long limbs of wood up to 140mm diameter.
  • · A convenient steel rim to assist correct alignment and stability of lid at all times.
  • · Robust construction with large holes at base for adequate ventilation of fire.
  • · Small chimney with damper fitted on lid to control ventilation of fire.
  • · Steel bars (supplied) slide across the diameter to allow a 4.5 quart camp oven to fit neatly inside but remain above the coals. Interior diameter is approximately 305mm
  • · With the lid on, and camp oven inside, it becomes an oven within an oven, requiring minimum heat which is controlled by the position of the chimney flue.
  • · Slide bars through the top holes and you have a base for a wok, frying pan or camp oven.
  • · Remove lid and place a piece of mesh on top ( can purchase from online store) of the lower half for boiling the billy or washing up water. You can also make the toast on the mesh.
  • · Remove the lid and use as a fireplace to sit around and keep warm on those cold nights.
  • · Great for cooking casseroles, roasts, steaks or that cooked breakfast. Versatile design.
  • · Fits neatly into a milk crate for easy packing and transportation with camp oven inside Choofer.
  • · Can use wood or heat beads. Works best with hard woods rather than soft woods.
  • · A safe contained fireplace. The Choofer has been used in National Parks where open fires are banned.(Permission to be sought and granted)

Additional information

Weight 9.50 kg
Dimensions 33 x 33 x 35 cm
Paint Colour

Charcoal, Copper, Golden Fire Brown, Honey Glo Brown, Mahogany, Metallic Black, Mojave Red, Pot Belly Black, Rich Metallic Brown, Satin Black, Shimmering Rose, Titanium


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