The Kingaroy Choofer | Caring for Your Choofer
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Caring for Your Choofer




Please don’t let this happen to your Choofer.

This damage to the pot belly paint was caused by not curing the paint on the Kingaroy Choofer as instructed. Excessive initial heat.

Please take time to read the instructions provided on the leaflet with every Kingaroy Choofer sold or read the information on “CURING THE CHOOFER”

Curing The Choofer

These are directions from the Rubbedin company which sells the Pot Belly Black paint used to paint The Kingaroy Choofer.

Full Curing of Paint.

It is important that the heating unit be cured to achieve a hard dry condition as follows:

  1. Ensure good ventilation
  2. Light a small cool fire inside the unit using paper and kindling wood only and maintain the fire’s intensity for at least one hour. Some fumes and smoke may be emitted during this time. Avoid breathing fumes and smoke.
  3. Gradually build up the fire’s intensity over a further one hour period in order to complete the post-curing of the paint. Very little fumes or smoke should be emitted during this time.
  4. When this process has been completed the unit may be used in the normal manner. 
  5. Failure to follow these instructions will lead to flaking of the pot belly black paint.


Alternatively (A Kingaroy Choofer Original Method) 

Use a large perforated tin placed inside on floor of the Choofer with lit heat beads, 18 head beads for 9 kg Choofer, 24 heat beads for 14kg Choofer.  The door is closed and the lid is on with the damper 2/3rds closed. 

Let heat beads burn to ash. This way you do not have to monitor and maintain a small cool fire for one hour.  On completion of this, you may then light a medium fire inside the Choofer  for a further hour to finish the curing of the Pot Belly Paint.

Initially do not put the lid of the Kingaroy Choofer on a roaring fire as the heat is too extreme.

Please use Australian made heat beads as they burn at a higher heat and last longer per heat bead.