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Have You Seen Our New Coloured Choofers?

Durable High Temperature Paint – Choose from over 8 colours

The perfect addition to your camper or caravan

Available in 3 different sizes and 9 colours

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Cooking a stunning meal outdoors without having to leave home. Fire Up you Choofer, Chuck in some ingredients and be your own master chef. Your Choofer doesn’t just have to be for camping, use it around the home or on the road for a great tasting meal.

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Dreaming of packing up the car, pitching a tent and relaxing. Don’t have much room in the car for kitchen equipment? Your Choofer makes it so easy to get away and enjoy the outdoors. Simply fire it up and cook a great meal for the whole family.

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Fan of getting away in your caravan and exploring Australia??  You will absolutely love how easy and practical your Choofer is. Not only is the Choofer easy to store, but it has so many uses when you are in your home away from home. Keep yourself warm through the cold nights and you will be able to cook hundreds of scrumptious camp oven meals

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Your Choofer is the perfect way to stay warm in winter, no matter the season you can enjoy being outside enjoying the great outdoors.

We have a huge range of accessories to make your Choofer cooking experience even better

Buy 3 Accessories with any of our Choofer for reduced postage

The Kingaroy Choofer is Constructed from  14kg, 9kg and 4.5kg gas bottles, it is designed for versatility of use.


A safe contained fireplace. The Choofer has been used in National Parks where open fires are banned.(Permission to be sought and granted)


Great for cooking casseroles, roasts, steaks or that cooked breakfast. Versatile design.


Fits neatly into a milk crate for easy packing and transportation with camp oven inside Choofer

Have You Seen Our New Coloured Choofers?

 Durable High Temperature Paint – Choose from over 8 colours